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Spare Parts Ordering

Ordering spare parts is very easy and quick if you follow the correct procedure.

Years ago it was easy to contact Pipistrel by telephone or email and order whatever parts you needed. Unfortunately with the increased requirements of certification and production numbers growing by more than 100 aircraft per year it has simply become impossible to know each customer personally and know the serial number for their aircraft. The requirements of certification also means that all parts sold must be allocated to an aircraft serial number so airworthiness traceability can continue for the life of the aircraft and through different ownership.

Following this simple three-step procedure will provide you a quote, in many cases overnight and when you approve the quote your parts will be shipping as soon as possible.

The first requirement is to go to the website and download the IPC (illustrated parts catalog) applicable to your aircraft. Identify the parts you need by both name (description) and part number and then fill in the spare parts order form and email or fax it through to the spare parts manager at Pipistrel.

Pipistrel will then come back to you with a quote showing price and availability of the ordered parts and you can also select the delivery options based on how quickly you need the parts.

Three easy steps to order parts.

1. Download the IPC:

2. Complete the Spare Parts Order Form:

3. Email your order form to:

For your convenience a PDF copy of the spare parts order form is included above.

This spare parts order form can be printed out and filled in manually or it can be completed on your computer which is the most preferred option to avoid any errors which can be introduced by illegible handwriting.

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